Monday, 13 June 2011

Nail art

Nowadays every one  loves to not only colour there nails but decorate them with loads of designs when did this famous fashion start  not many would belive that it is actually not a modern invention and the history of nail art goes alll the way back to 3000 years ago.Nail art with all the creativity and thinking needed to produce the tremendous results is just lyk any other art.....

In the 19th century the modern manicure started 

and as it took the hype designs started to come forward the 1st design was the moon manicure ...

Since then it grasps all the hype and become so famous within ladies and now we enjoy working on it with different styles. Many people enjoy nail art in different occasions like Independence Day, weddings etc. 

Now we find tattoos of nail art easily in the market and ready-to-wear artificial nails. 

We can also find different nail art markers with different colors which make it easy for everyone to do nail art.  With the help of all tools available any one can enjoy with this art and can stand out with the creativity and thinking in colors.
a great and easy fashion trend that can make you stand out from the crowd with new awesome and unique nail designs that areeasily available!!!!!!!