Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Proper way of wearing high heels

Are you a true fashionista?Well then high heels are made  for you ,it is a trend that nver fades away and  can never be pushed of the runway with more and more designer high heels being made high heels are getting more and more common with all girls around the world. 
      But with high fashion comes high cocequenses and if you are a slave to high heels you might sufer from corns ,bunions and fallen arches,but  luckily with every problem comes solutions and there are ways to make heels less harmful to your feet if worn properly...and not just by spending a fortune on a designer pair.

Here are some ways of how to wear high heels in a way that is not harmful and still looks great....

1..Narrow heels and stilettos look best on people with a more slender build, and with fashions that are lean and slimming. People with heavier builds should look at platforms or thicker heels to keep things looking balanced and proportional.

2..Pick your color and style. Basic black is the classic look for a high heeled shoe or boot, but wilder colors can be pulled off. There are many styles, from boots to pumps, slingbacks, and sandals. Remember that the more open the shoe, the less support it will provide, with the least supportive shoe being a thong type sandal. Make sure the outfit and the shoes match.

3..Get the right fit. Due to the stresses of wearing heels, make sure that the shoe really fits! Take your time about trying them on, and once you have a pair that you like, spend some time in them in the store. Stand in them; if there are any problems, your feet will tell you rather quickly. An important test is to stand on the floor in the shoes with your knees straight. Now try to raise yourself on your toes so there's at least an inch of space under the heels. If you can't do that, the heels are too high, and you shouldn't wear them; you'll end up walking and standing with your knees bent.

4..Practice walking at home before taking your heels out. Get your feet used to them slowly; try to wear them for 15-30 minutes at a time, then take them off and take a break. When you walk, make sure you keep your heels vertical; DO NOT roll to the side! Especially with higher heels, this will lead to the heel slipping and cause you to fall. Practice turning in heels; you need to be deliberate in your steps, or you risk tripping yourself up. You'll notice that heels cause your step to be shorter; this is normal. The higher the heel, the shorter your step will be. Don't try to stride like you would in sneakers.

5...Try to minimize the amount of time that you wear your high heels, especially if you are doing lots of walking. Most harm to feet, knees and back come from regular long-term use of walking in high heels. When you are done wearing your heels, spend a few minutes to give your feet a massage. Work your ankles in a few different directions and massage the arches. This will help to loosen any muscles that might have tightened or become strained from wearing the heels.
6..Styles with a slight platform under the toe area tend to be more comfortable as they minimize the angle and pressure on the ball of the foot.

If you wear heels constantly, the intense stress on your muscles, tendons, and joints can cause permanent damage to your feet. Don't do that; you'd be forced to spend the rest of your life in "comfort" shoes, and that's a harsh fate. Bunions, hammertoes, and achilles tendon problems are common in high heel wearers. Take a break, change shoes regularly, and exercise to stay in shape. 

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