Friday, 13 May 2011

Sunglasses more than a fashion accessory

The  sun actually has a much worse effect on the eyes compared to skin and sunglasses an invention to protect eyes from the very harmful UV rays.So actually sunglasses are very important for any one going out in sun . But its been a very long time since the time since sunglasses were used only  for the  purpose of protection.
    Nowadays a person going out in sun feels incomplete without a pair of sunglasses it is now a fashion for every one adults and children included ...

as for women it is a MUST accessory, a girl doesn't look or feel complete without sunglasses you can get all ready and not look fashionable but if u just wear sunglasses no one will even notice what you are wearing

Sunglasses is an accessory that is famous all around the world were the sun reaches this accessory  is used.So in the countries were branded designer sunglasses cannot be afforded cheap copies are made to look stylish  in the same time cost as less as possible but as the world develops designer sunglasses are getting more and more common even in the developing countries

Sunglasses  aren’t just a necessary thing. Glasses , as the clock  characterized a person, his financial status and the sense of taste. Fashion and glasses today are inextricably linked to each other.

World-famous fashion houses produce sunglasses under their own brands. Hundreds of designers working on the creation of original models of sunglasses.
Well-known politicians, show business stars get sunglasses at the famous brands, honing his style and emphasizing their individuality.

Designer and celebrity sunglasses tend to be pricier, and often have more expensive upgrades such as jewels and inlays with unique patterns and designs. Attractive designer logos may be etched or inlaid in high-end frames.

Even though the designer sunglasses are getting more and more pricier by the day they are still getting more and more common internationally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some of the most famous designers of sunglasses include Prada, Gucci, Chanel & Ray ban 

so get a pair of big sunglasses that suit you so you can protect your eyes and still look great as u go out and enjoy the sun!!!

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